Welcome to Markaryd

Welcome to Sjötorpets Campsite in Markaryd. It is with great pleasure we announce that Nordvästra Skånes Camping AB will welcome the guests to the Markaryd campsite this summer! Sjötorpets Campsite is a beatiful campsite, situated in the center of Markaryd, Småland, Sweden.

Here you will find approximately 60 caravan lots wth electricity and 25 without. We also have three simple campsite cottages for rent. The Getesjön lake offers both a marvellous scenery and the possiblity to have a nice bath in the clear lake. If you want to explore the lake further, you can rent a canoo at the campsite.

The campsite opens on April 12th, 2019.

Welcome to Markaryd!

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Sjötorpets Camping

Sjötorpets Camping | Strandvägen 4, Markaryd

Phone | +46 (0)767 - 911 614

E-mail | info@markarydscamping.se

Facebook | facebook.com/sjotorpetmarkaryd